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da Il Globo Editorial Team

L’arte degli arancini, una realtà in Australia

A Roma si chiamano supplì, e sono più grossi con le estremità appuntite. Scendendo più a sud della penisola, si chiamano invece arancini o arancine, a seconda della zona.

Pubblicato Febbraio 23, 2021

Gli arancini di Montalbano

La letteratura gialla, preferisce la versione maschile, con Andrea Camilleri che ha intitolato la prima raccolta dedicata al commissario Montalbano “Gli arancini di Montalbano”.

Un intero romanzo parla della passione del commissario per questa pietanza che il Ministero delle politiche agricole agroalimentari e forestali ha ufficialmente riconosciuto e inserito nei prodotto agroalimentari italiani (PAT), con il nome di arancini di riso.

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CHEF. Riccardo Siligato



In Italy

1994 - 2008

Riccardo Siligato, founder of Arancini Art and creator of all our recipes, achieved his first great success in Rome (Italy) opening and managing a busy restaurant nearby the famous "Fontana di Trevi", the fountain where Federico Fellini shot Ingrid Bergman and Marcello Mastroianni in one of the most famous footage of the Italian and International cinematography.

From Italy to Australia


Later in 2009, at the beginning of the European depression, Riccardo and his wife Josanne decided to move to Australia with the hope and dream to give better opportunities to their young daughters.
As soon as arrived, they identified a very specific business opportunity and started to make handcrafted arancini to be sold to cafés and retailers hiring a warehouse from a friend.

In Australia

2010 - 2019

Immediately after they invested a little capital in a commercial kitchen and some equipment to increase production speed and quantity.
In a short time they realise that four hands are not enough to keep up the pace of the demand and they employ Jerry.
With two in the kitchen and Josanne in the field as sales rep, the business flies and Massimo joined the group doubling up the sales force.

From that moment onward, the growth has been consistent and exciting. More people came inboard and Massimo recently became partner of the company.


Bringing the best of Italy to Australia


As a business, our mission is to assist and support other businesses to enhance their productivity optimising their resources in terms of space, staff and time offering consistency in quality and prompt response.

Vision for the future


As a business and personally, we aim at becoming a point of reference within the broad hospitality industry offering not only quality food, but serving the community and supporting the local economy at our best.